Accessing the “Principles of Autonomic Medicine” E-Book

In this video Dr. David Goldstein describes how you can access the free textbook on Autonomic Medicine which accompanies the course.  He also shares tips for making the most out of using the online text.


Dr. Goldstein: I am going to be referring over and over again to an e-book that I have written, Principles of Autonomic Medicine, and to find it you can just google me then when you see this face show up that is me. Then you go to my NINDS webpage, hopefully that will show up, and go to selected publications and then download publication for Principles of Autonomic Medicine. Then, it will be very important once you have downloaded this book to convert that file to a PDF file.

Once you have downloaded the book make sure you export it as a PDF file, that will allow you to do two things that are really important because this is a long book, it is more than 700 pages and has got I do not know how many hundreds of illustrations. If you convert to a PDF then you will be able to use pop-ups, you see that, that means that you would be able to immediately find out the meanings of the terms or words that are in the glossary and second if you go to the table of contents which is also pretty large, if you want to find out about Takotsubo Cardiopathy, you can click on it and it takes you there. So, I think these are too powerful features that make this book accessible.